Creating logos

This week i looked at ideating more logos and implementing them across web and collateral. 2 new logos were developed that would take on the concept of heritage and environmental and commercial and residential. As per feedback these new logos are more conceptually rooted by operations of the business.

Screen Shot 2015-11-15 at 8.28.45 pm

the commercial and residential design used the typeface ‘eurostile’ because of its geometric, modern and corporate feeling and was accompanied by an elegant icon of the city of sydney.

the heritage and environmental logo used the arrow form to develop the form of a dwelling and a tree and took the feel of indian woodcarving combining old and modern. The american typewriter typeface worked well as it is aged and hold connotations of heritage

these were also chosen to be prototyped using different website layouts and in business cards. this was also the first use of colour, a royal blue.

heritage website commercial website

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