The Evil that is Copyright!

Copyright inhibits access to and the way people engage with and develop ideas. Up until this point copyright was second nature to me and has just made sense. If a company or individual comes up with an idea why shouldn’t they have the rights to protect or profit from that idea. While that is all well and good, it is the implications that arise from this that become a horrifying reality.

Copyright serves an individuals interests (profit) and this is one of the key aspects of copyright that acts as a sort of defence. If individuals have the opportunity to profit from a good idea then it can be assumed that more people will try and come up with a good idea (capitalism). However, good ideas should not be profit driven as this creates a division between who can and cannot access knowledge and inhibits potential learning and development of people when restrictions are made on the use of content. If there is freedom of information for people to do what they want, it will ultimately lead to an organic growth in positive and life changing ideas.

For more on what i think check out this video.




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