Are dogs the future of surveillance, security and journalism? What happens when you put a GoPro on a dog? What moral and ethical implications arise? and most importantly, what is the next big thing to be attached to a dog? 12962546_10206292461453627_2081066834_o

I’m sure by now these questions have you salivating, so i’ll try to fill you in a little more on my digital artefact which explore some of the questions i’ve already mentioned. The simplest way of breaking down my creative process so far has been to take my dog and a GoPro and simply see what happens. This isn’t exactly too new or revolutionary as GoPro officially sells harnesses for dogs titled the ‘Fetch’. As soon as I found this out i had to purchase one!

I won’t lie, testing this out on my dog Laika frinkiac(name inspired by the cosmonaut doggo) has been interesting and it has been incredibly entertaining seeing a 6 month old Cavoodle leaps down flights of stairs, dig holes and annihilate chew toys. The challenge now is taking this project a step further and perhaps supplementing a GoPro for some other device or supplementing my dog for something or someone else. It’s ruff coming up with ideas to take this further but i’m sure ill sniff out something.


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