Addiction to the trans-media narrative

To the masses, pop culture can sometimes feel like some sort of wonderfully addictive drug. To some people, the first viewing of Empire Strikes Back was like pure heroine and for the better part of 40 years some die hard star wars fans (junkies) searched for their fix in any form of wars meme

The star wars story is one of the larger transmedia narratives which is told through the original trilogy, prequel trilogy (which some deny), countless video games, TV series, comics and novels. While the blockbustermovies serve as the foundations for which all other narrative has been built and to some the only true story, there has been an entire universe built around George Lucas’ space saga. Some adaptations serve as back stories for protagonists or side characters while others tell the events before or in between films, giving the fans the stories they so desperately craved and that until now Hollywood would not provide.

Now we have years of Star wars films in the making, including stand-alone films such as the recently announced Rogue One, with TV shows and video games in the works.

The universe continues to expand and the fans continue to crave their next hit of intergalactic adventure


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