Betoota Advocate wins journalistic integrity award (highest honour)

This weeks lecture series was about citizen journalism so it’s time to have crack at writing about a topic I know nothing about, something a trained journalist should really be doing.

Citizen journalism is loosely defined as regular people contributing to newsworthy events, which could be from uploading smart-phone footage or from others engaging in the content (e.g. comments) and a story forming as events unfold in real time. This is quite an amazing phenomena and something that is continually being recognized for its value in the ever-changing media bla bla bla

I’m more interested in the way that satirical news has amassed online and plays its own role in journalistic reporting. The Betoota Advocate has to be among the heavyweights for this in Australia with articles like this. While it’s not exactly left-wing revolutionary stuff like bringing down a government regime via twitter, it’s giving those gatekeepers in legacy media the slap in the face they deserve (Take that! ) and making fools of anyone that actually takes these articles seriously.

citizen journalism

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