how social media is moving out of the public sphere

Our social media presence, branding and persona is something that came about without us realizing. While we posted online for the Internet to see, we didn’t realize that we were subconsciously shaping our online selves as the people we wanted to be seen as. It’s something that us as the users are still getting used to and something that has now been around long enough for many of us to see the repercussions of our former online selves.

Think about it, platforms like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube have now been around for us to use for roughly a decade and since then a lot of us have changed quite a lot. People like me were starting high school and years after our first posts were made they began to resurface as we looked on with horror. Like cavemen discovering fire we tested the Internet blindly and posted without fear. Some posts were thrown out like grenades and many of these grenades blew up in our faces. Perhaps this is because we portray different personas with different groups in the real world and on a platform such as Facebook where all our different networks are posted to via one profile, we can’t please everyone (especially future employers)

Gradually I’ve noticed a shift as many of you have too. Many users have gotten quieter on our Facebook feeds and us users have moved underground and into group messages, the private sphere of social media, but we are no longer just sending messages in groups, we are posting status updates and sharing photos or links in the group chat. We’ve seen the potential that sharing an edgy meme can make to our online personas, so posting in the group message makes us feel much safer and we can do so without worrying if we will get enough likes or whether lurking internet trolls will show up and beat our posts to death.

shitposting group message

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