Remix culture *Bangers incoming*

The community aspect that has formed because of remix culture is something to behold. Less and less do we see artist being dragged into courtroom over tedious legal battles about ownership or copyright (Ke$ha is not a real artist) and more we are seeing artist collaborations and remixes becoming fundamentals of contemporary music. Baby boomers will continue to tell us that they there music

is better or “real” music, but its something that gen Y continues to embrace and lets face it, who doesn’t love bangers! It’s fantastic to have music that be re-worked, reprised and remixed into forms and genres that suit the tastes of all music listeners, giving power to the people.

The sheer breadth and value is infinite and always unexpected and that’s something amazing. Currently Triple J is running a remix contest that gives listeners the stems to the Play School theme and the ability to do whatever they want sonically to remix the beloved childhood theme. This has come off the back of a Hermitude remix comp that Triple J ran late last year and the results and popularity are a beautiful reflection of this great culture of creators. Not to worry though, if you have no musical ability or sense of humor you can always turn to a different kind of remix culture by making ironic memes. Regardless of your take on it, It will funny to see the reactions of our nations youth after they’ve spent an evening eating ecstasy pills like Oreos at a warehouse rave while listening to the filthy drops in the playschool theme remix wondering where it all went wrong.playschool remix

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