It’s a small world. Globalisation

Our borders only truly exist in a political and legal sense with the terms globalisation and global village becoming common household words that are more and more relevant as the world develops technologically, politically and economically. Developments in communication are particularly responsible for our movement into a global community. Nowadays, there is an estimated 2 billion smartphone users worldwide with more and more individuals anglobalisationd communities having access to the Internet, allowing us to be liberated transnationally and access global media in the palm of our hands. The idea of these existing mediascapes can truly be attributed to the convergence of online media, with platforms such as Youtube and Facebook pioneering the social media industry and changing media audiences from consumers to prosumers that directly interact, inform and discuss the media with author and with the audiences. The ruling television broadcast networks are now ageing dinosaurs while applications such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, snapchat and Youtube are on there way to inheriting their place as the new media top dogs. These are the places where our generation and generations to come will and are going to for news, entertainment and everything else. Even people like me have the opportunity to broadcast their opinion to anyone in world using this blog.

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