International pop culture style


While many of us westerners may be too involved in our own Hollywood culture to notice the rise of other global media influences, there is no denying that global pop culture industries from countries such as India, Nigeria and South Korea have in recent years become rising global success. South Korea particularly has become Asia’s pop culture leader with its film, television, games and … pop music. Pop music is probably the example that people from the west are most familiar with. Who could forget the one hit wonder that was Gangnam style by Psy. I think 2.5 billion views speaks for itself… and I consider it an honour that I was able to see it live at Future music festival in the summer of 2013. To my disappointment, his other songs weren’t to my taste but he did play Gangnam style twice so who’s complaining. K-pop (Korean pop) as it is termed is the biggest spread of the Korean wave to western countries, although not as big here as in asian countries, there is still a niche market especially considering the migration of people in APAC to Australia and considering the phenomena of globalisation as a whole.

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