Straight outta BCM111

tumblr_static_6kmybpgp15csokckkwo0ws0swResistance has been a heavy theme in music in the 21st century and has helped in the advancement and coverage of many cultural movements. It was used in South Africa to fuel and unite the movement against apartheid and has been a theme that has influenced the genre of hip-hop. “N.W.A., the quintet who rhymed about the grim realities of their immediate, volatile surroundings”, are one of the first hip hop groups that brought issues of racial profiling and police brutality into the spotlight. Songs like f**k the police and express yourself were at the forefront of their protest of injustices towards the African American community and it helped to give a voice to the people standing up against the hate. 25 years on and the release of the film, titled after their debut album ‘straight outta compton’ comes at a time when these racial tensions are at all time high. With shootings and police brutality of minorities once again in the global spotlight the film is a unifying reminder of how far African Americans have come is unifying and supportive of movements like black lives matter.

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