$!gns & $1m801$

To begin writing this blog post, I first had to use my arrow shaped pointer to select the search bar at the top of my internet browser, the one marked with the magnifying glass. Once I made my way into editing the post I used the funny looking symbols you see here to change my style in a variety of different ways until I finally hit the eye in the top corner of my page to preview my work but not before I had hyperlinked everything with the button that looks like a chain.

The point here is that semiotics does a heck of a job at explaining the world to us and making us feel things without the need for dumb words to interfere. That’s right graphic designers! We don’t need no stupid words! (sorry typography). From branded elements to the save button that is literally still a floppy disk… that’s right we were toddlers when floppy disks were around, signs and symbols have been around since the ancient Egyptians and it seems they have recently come heavily back into fashion as a way of expressing an increasingly complex world. Whether it’s computing, street signs or emotions; signs and symbols do quite well at communicating 🙂 It seems that history and the way things create a meaning organically in culture is what leads to the proliferation of EMOJIIS FAM!

Perhaps the most fascinating and (even most valuable) thing that millennials have given to the world is emojis. Small yellow faces and a carefully selected library of other icons that has literally made it’s way into our mobiles and desktops as a language we use alongside or second to english.

Faith in Humanity restored.


Whether your strongly against or an avid participant in the revolution, it is an interesting concept in communication, particularly the way certain emojis have organically defined themselves as cultural icons. Perhaps their power is in their limitations, pushing us to communicate what we can within a few hundred icons.

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