Old News

Working full time 9-6, 4 days a week can be a bit of a pain, especially when factoring in my morning and evening travel arrangements. Each Thursday (what has become know to me as my day off) I make the trek down to uni from Sydney, trying my best to make it on time to my 8:30 class and then making the long drive back home at 6:30pm when my last tutorial ends. On the weekends i’ll try to cram as much study in, see my friends to socialise and work a 6 hour shift as a barrista on Saturday and Sunday morning.

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I’m not complaining, i get my moneys worth out of it and it’s my choice to do so but the point is that with myself and many other people living fast and on the go lifestyles, gone are the days of sitting down and reading the paper or watching the evening news. It’s not an unrealistic fairytale don’t get me wrong. Sure you can do it and you and I could easily find the time to if we chose to. But it’s likely that there’s something more pressing on our minds or that we have to do so we turn down the tv while we scroll through our mobile feeds, take a second glance at a news notification that just came through in our emails, listen to a the weather and traffic update in the car or read up on the stock market on our Ipad on the train to work.

The world of news has changed and if you are one of those that still reads the paper or enjoys the nightly news, chances are you’re a few hours behind. We are fortunate to have the power at our fingertips to let us read and learn about the happenings in the world at an instant but has it allowed as to get a bigger overall picture of what is really happening? Australia has one of the highest levels of media ownership concentration in the world. But does our access to the internet act as an escape?


The answer isn’t easy and it really depends who you listen to and how you stay informed. We’re lucky enough to be consuming content from a multitude of platforms and publications, whether from the major publications on Facebook or an independent journalist. It’s arguable harder now though to distinguish real from fake news, a term we hear thrown around a lot lately. With so many sources and no time to really delve deep and check our facts or even take the time to understand where the information is coming from it can be an ever challenging landscape to navigate. In this day and age if it’s sounds untrue your better off to take the time to cross check with another source and remain as open minded about all angles before forming an opinion. In my experience the satirical news sights such as Betoota Advocate also do a good job of raising awareness or an interesting social commentary onto happenings in Australia, bringing reality into a clearer mindset.

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