Troy McClure presents: THE INTERNET

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Troy McClure: Hi i’m actor troy McClure, you may remember me from such blog posts as the medium is the message, media industries and ownership and introduction.

I’m here to talk to you about the internet and how this big and almighty machine is changing the way that us mere humans consume and engage with media.

Billy: But Mr McClure, my dad says that the internet is a bad place where communists live.

Troy: No Billy, not all of this the internet is bad, your dad is probably just talking about 4Chan.

Actually the internet is a great place where people all over the world can view, learn, listen to and even engage with content.

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Billy: Engage with?!?!?!

Troy: That’s right Billy. You see before the internet and even way before television…

Billy: Before television?

Troy: Hold your horses Billy, we’ll get there. Before the internet, we would receive a message from a sender, through a medium and into our brains. This form of communication was known as a Lasswell’s model.

Billy: Laswell’s model?

Troy: That’s right Billy. You see the problem with  model was that people would here things from the news and take them in without thinking twice. well until the Internet came about. You see the Internet is like a big giant spaceship where everything in the world lives.

Billy: You mean like a network?

Troy: Oh no Billy not at all. You see the wonderful thing about the internet is that anyone can say anything and anyone can comment on, add to or question what is said, regardless of what is said. Because of this, everyone has an equal share at a voice and opinion and only the best ones will be shared and received.

Billy: Gee Mr McClure, the internet sure is swell.

Troy: That’s right Billy, however governments and corporations now want to control what is said and who can say it, taking away the internets greatest value, freedom of speech.giphy (7)

Billy: Minecraft too?

Troy: maybe Billy, maybe. You see these organisations want to regain control of information by creating laws to regulate our freedom of information, so it’s our duty to stand up for what is right and protect our voice on the internet.

Billy: Wow, Mr McClure I’ll make sure fight for my right to the internet so that everyone will have the ability to express their opinions and beliefs in an honest and fair public sphere;

Troy: I’m glad to hear it Billy

Billy: But one thing just doesn’t make sense Mr McClure…

Troy: What’s that Billy?

Billy: What does B.C.M stand for?

Troy: Nobody know Billy, Nobody knows…

If you have a thought about the internet or would like to comment on my blog as part of your assignment 1, please do not.

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