Facebook and Targeted Advertising [Video]

Much of Facebook’s algorithms and business practices are unknown to the public for the most part however we do know that our data is collected and stored to create a profile of who we are and this information is regularly shared with advertisers as a way for Facebook to create profits. These ads target us with highly precise ads which vary from any one user to another and as the public becomes more aware it has stirred up questions regarding privacy, ethics, legality and debate as to whether the company is merely a tech company or a media company that should comply to the same standards and responsibilities of other publishers.

[DISCLAIMER] Some content has been doctored for exaggerated purposes and is not intended to offend or be taken seriously. Few moments in the video may reference extreme political and racial themes and aren’t an accurate reflection of Facebook or their employees. they are not to be taken seriously but if you are easily offended I would suggest not watching.


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