what does the selfie say about what different cultures value, dismiss, or contest at the levels of ontology, evidence, epistemology, affect, ethics, and politics?   it is a photograph one knowingly takes of oneself, often shown to other humans   selfies function both as a practice of everyday life and as the object of politicizing … Continue reading Selfies

Pretargeting the Future of Marketing and Advertising

The year is 2050 and we live in a world far more technologically advanced than the likes of today. As humans in this society, we lead incredibly digitally infused*** lifestyles where we find ourselves connected to the internet 24/7. The internet has become a basic human right. You, a 26 year old male finance manager … Continue reading Pretargeting the Future of Marketing and Advertising

It’s a small world. Globalisation

Our borders only truly exist in a political and legal sense with the terms globalisation and global village becoming common household words that are more and more relevant as the world develops technologically, politically and economically. Developments in communication are particularly responsible for our movement into a global community. Nowadays, there is an estimated 2 … Continue reading It’s a small world. Globalisation